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Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-03-2012, 11:36 PM
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Default Another Proud and Happy Owner

twistedmax has done it again. i received my maxgasser last thursday and couldn't wait to get it on that night. the workmanship is of the highest quality, although Rick will tell you it wasn't without it's moments because of the material I convinced him to use.

the pillion attaches to the oem grab rail without any problems. and looks absolutely beautiful. i switched out the oem grab rail with the oem sissy and remembered that you have to drill a hole into the little square bracket so that the maxgasser's hinge can attach to it. no sweat, measured twice and drilled the hole. BUT when i went to install the passenger seat, i thought that i had effed up the hole because it was like the maxgasser's hinge was too short. disappointed and dejected, grabbed a beer, resituated, and realized that all i had to do was not screw in the oem sissy's coupling bracket's two rear bolts and just keep the middle one in to attach it the assembly. the oem sissy grab rails attach to each via the back rest frame or my virago grab bar and all of the other bolt that affix the assembly to the bike.

Friday arrives, but with rain clouds, so didn't take it out for a spin. But of course, I tried it on in the garage. Assuming the "let's just sit on it and make vroom vroom sounds" position that we all do, I immediately realized that my rides from now on are going to be delightfully butter-licious. I've been suffering from lower back problems, which I attribute to the oem seat and my superbike handlebar combination. Even raising the handlebars with a 1" riser, my wrists were somewhat "princess and the pea" strained. My first fitting unveiled a driving position that has been lowered and pushed back slightly. This new position removes my tendency to hunch my back, which causes me to rest my weight on my wrists.

I put the bike to bed and packed up the kid for her summer vacation with her maternal grandparents. On the way back from depositing our daughter off at the airport, the wife and I stopped off at our friends' and I commence to celebrating the appropriation of the seat (or was it to celebrate the start a kidless month) . The friends, wife, and I decide to take advantage of the sunny weather forecasted for the weekend and plan a long overdue ride. So for the most part of Saturday, I prepped the bike and used the opportunity to pose it for some glamor shots.

After another night of celebration, Sunday arrives bearing absolutely gorgeous weather. I pulled of the virago bar, attached the oem backrest and away we went. The MaxGasser could not have had a better day for its maiden voyage:

The 100-mile ride was SO comfortable and was hands down the most enjoyable "long" drive to date. It was like I was driving a pillow that was made by pouring foam into a mold I made of my butt. My ass bone wedges wonderfully into the "backrest" that the "raised" pillion provides the driver giving my lower back the much needed support it had been aching for. My family jewels no longer feel like they're getting crushed into diamonds. Waiting for green lights, I now don't feel like I barely have me feet on the ground and it doesn't feel like I'm straddling a cow. And most importantly, the wife had the best ride yet she said. She said she no longer felt like she was sitting on a tree trunk with a couple of knots pushed up into her ass cheeks. She enjoys the "elevated" sitting position finding, much to my chagrin, comfort in now being able to know the reason why the cars are "standing still". I like that I no longer see her in my mirrors because of her peeking out from behind my helmet in order to see what's going on in front of us.

The MaxGasser knocks my Marks down the list one notch putting the seat at the top of my all-time favorite upgrades. Many thanks and congratulations are due to Rick who was an absolute professional throughout the entire process. From his timely responses to my numerous complicated emails during the design phase, to his frequent, fabrication-stage phone calls and text messages; Rick was an absolutely pleasure to work with and I don't think I could have asked for a better transaction.


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Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-04-2012, 12:18 AM
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Default Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner

Not only a colorful and informative post but entertaining as well. Wishing you many happy rides with your "new" mistress. Just don't go around saying the Max was the wife's best ride to date. That's your claim!
I promise you you will just be riding down the rode someday and spontaneously crack a smile and say to yourself, "so this is what a righteous seat is all about!" Rock on Ninjaneer! Great write up.

Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-04-2012, 01:38 AM
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Default Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner

Great review, and one more nod toward the firmly planted fact that Rick's product is full-on first quality! Love the finish on yours too Ninjaman
naughty G

live life to the max!!

Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-04-2012, 05:28 AM
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Default Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner

Thanks Greg, and that is one of one! I wont do another CF MAXGASSER. Greg, I looked at the mounting pic, I think you should slot the maxgasser mounting hole and make sure the bracket is attatched to the reflector,otherwise it could break your fender!

Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-04-2012, 07:49 AM
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Default Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner

WOW Rick... gotta say that is one beautiful seat you've made there !
Enjoy the comfort Ninja ! Makes riding the Max on long trips just that much better !!
Cheers !

I participate in the

Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner
Old 06-04-2012, 10:55 PM
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Default Re: Another Proud and Happy Owner

Looks great ! Nice Job Rick .


happy, owner, proud

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