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Toolman's 1985 , 87 and 98 V-Max
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Author Comment Date
Lan1201 haha 08-19-2007
dragmax say nice bike looks like the terminator got to it 09-25-2007
113s&s holy shit talk about hard core..pipe still looks good 12-01-2007
Toolman that's not one of mine. but I think I could rebuild it 11-23-2008
klockb looks like a harley 11-27-2008
kenny Needs a little paint & TLC!! 12-02-2008
naughtyG how the hell do u end up with THREE of them!? 12-12-2008
Toolman I'm addicted.... it's a sad story 12-20-2008
zippo6 beautiful, just beautiful!! 07-02-2009
headknocker thats a 1300 venture motor on 1 of those bikes 07-02-2009
turbomanny I love your collection. and what is the windscreen on your 85? and where can I get one? 04-24-2011

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