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    Back from the dead. New kidney will do that for you !
    PATMAX Fire-medic
    Checking in old friend. You better be retired by now and filling ip that garage ! Lets catch up some time.
    PATMAX paulibiker
    You inow I’m in at that price Bro. Text or call if you want a serious buyer. 239-210-8058
  4. poppop
    poppop dannymax
    hey danny .how you been?just got to thinking about you and a gang of others,if you get a chance e mail me,still got the harley trike?my e mail is to talk catch up a lil hope to hear from you soon poppop
  5. Jasonc994
    Jasonc994 cwkerr007
    Do you still have those supertrapps? Hit me up. Thanks
  6. Jasonc994
    Jasonc994 Deuce57
    Shout out to deep South Texas. Corpus christi
  7. CostalGrey
    We don’t get hurricanes we get NorEaster’s
  8. stinkybutt
    stinkybutt one2dmax
    Sean; Not sure how this works. I need to purchase two fork tops for my 2004 V-max. I also would like to purchase aftermarket front springs to stop brake dive. Any help would greatly help me getting my riding season back on track.
    Thank You.
  9. CostalGrey
  10. Traumahawk
    Traumahawk Angie
  11. Traumahawk
    Traumahawk Angie
    Hi Angie. My friend Wayne Deptula used to be on the forum a while ago. Now he has tried to log in, and it says that his profile doesnt exist. I did a search for him as well, and was unsuccessful. Here is his "name". nhvmaxpwr.

    Can you help with this?

  12. Jeffrey Brinkerhuff
    Jeffrey Brinkerhuff
    Thanks for adding me. Here is a picture of my 2012 VMAX at the Tail of the Dragon.
  13. coolintake
    coolintake Angie
    Hi Angie, just signed up. I see my full name is showing instead of a username. How can I change that to 'coolintake'?
    please help advice

    thank you
    1. Angie
      I have changed your name. You will have to use the coolintake name to log in with from now on.
      May 13, 2019
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    2. coolintake
      you're the best, thank you
      May 18, 2019
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  14. polished&powdercoated85
    polished&powdercoated85 dgamber0
    Best to contact for photos At 330 461 4755
  15. Brett Zambotti
    Brett Zambotti dannymax
    Hello Danny. I have a set of carbs that were traumatized by a previous owner. I have had the bike running fairly well on throttle but idling is a mess. He mangled the butterflies and shafts in 2 of the carbs so that is why it is idling funny. Would you be willing to service these carbs? Brett Z.
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    2. Brett Zambotti
      Brett Zambotti
      I have rebuilt thousands of carbs over the years, but I don't have spare carbs, parts inventory, or anymore the patience like you might have to fiddle with these things anymore.
      May 9, 2019
    3. dannymax
      I should have everything needed in either Vmax or 35mm Venture parts. Break them down and just send me the 4 individual carbs, I won't need anything else.
      May 10, 2019
    4. Brett Zambotti
      Brett Zambotti
      My email is Could we communicate via email? I'll need your address, pricing, and such.
      May 10, 2019
  16. Clifton Jewell
    Clifton Jewell one2dmax
    Clutch questions.
  17. Clifton Jewell
    Clifton Jewell dannymax
    Clutch question
    1. dannymax
      May 4, 2019
  18. Clifton Jewell
    Clifton Jewell Redbone
    Yo wanted to Kno how much you know about clutch on my 92'max
  19. havinfun
    havinfun VMAX Darrell
    I am interested, if your local buyer doesn't work out.....Thank you for update.
  20. Clifton Jewell
    Clifton Jewell one2dmax
    i recieved my BARNETT .clutch kit and the steel plates are smooth. my stock ones have dimples is it ok to install the smooth ones. also friction plates do not have notches in ears i assume those are ok to install as is.