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  1. VMax-Mike
    VMax-Mike BrutMAX
    Your bike looks good. Thanks for showing me pic's it help me a'lot. I cant wait to see your scoops. So what is the ghost effect going to be? I am definitely intrigued.
  2. Suillus
  3. Kopperhed
    Kopperhed jedi-
    how'd your chain-drive Vmax project turn out ?? longevity? oil leaks ??
    PATMAX Buster Hymen
    Buster, had a hiccup posting a “for sale” ad and other members are getting my post. Not sure what is going on but I have posted before with no problems. Anyway you could look at my ad for “Grabbars” in Parts for sale please. Seems like I pissed off one member already with the unsolicited post to there page. Thanks. Patrick
  5. The One
    The One Blacklightning
    Can you please help me in my search for a 240 wide wheel to my VMax? Read something about that you bought one...where?
    Thanks /Daniel
  6. Phil Walker
    Phil Walker dannymax
    Hi Danny. My 93 runs ok, but it just doesn’t seem to have the pop it once had. I’ve had the carbs off several times , but it still doesn’t seem to be quite right. Everyone says you’re the man so I’m asking if you still do the carb thing. Please use my email or phone 517 404 3631 to text or call if you still do this and we can work out the details. Thanks! Phil Walker
  7. Rick mcadams
    Rick mcadams Angie
    Yea angie i was wondering how to ask a question in a certain forum
    1. Angie
      1. Find the forum you want to post into.
      2. Click on the forum name, and it will open a title and message box.
      3. Fill in title and message box.
      4. Look at the bottom of message box for the Create/Post button at the bottom.
      5. You have now created a first post in a thread.
      Dec 17, 2019
  8. TruckU
    TruckU rebeltaz83
    Hi, I wanted to contact you through here with out posting on the thread. My name is Rob. My phone number 651-216-4779 (yes, I still have my Minnesota number) I think its always great to meet other members to share knowledge of these bikes. Unfortunately I do not have much to contribute at this point. Lets get out and ride when the weather gets a bit warmer.
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  9. cd vemaxis
    cd vemaxis
    Wish I was riding
  10. Max-Life
    Living the Dream!
  11. tugla
    tugla HDKILA
    Sorry man i missed it and didn't get back to you was out on the road driving. Glad you sold it.
  12. quisio
    Hello, someone knows how to install this alarm. thanks, YAMAHA Alarm for Immobilizing Vehicle (A324)
  13. BrianB.
    BrianB. PresaCan
    Hey there, I would be interested in the phone number on that '09. I am up in Grande Prairie and have been thinking of adding one to spend time with my '86.

  14. Cwv1971
    Cwv1971 treycefus
    Good looking ummmmm...... bike you got there. Ride on.....
  15. tugla
    tugla HDKILA used or work is the cover..have any pics im interested for sure in it.


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    2. HDKILA
      HDKILA paypal is i'll ship it tomorrow. Shipping is about 10 bucks...that work?
      Nov 11, 2019
    3. HDKILA
      we good? never got paypal payment
      Nov 12, 2019
    4. HDKILA
      i sold it. sorry.
      Nov 12, 2019
  16. Lars-Erik Andersson
    Lars-Erik Andersson vince99frc
    Agree from own bad experience ; Yes same brand and same type of tyre is important …. manufacturers recommendation to follow…. ask ME ! Tried some Years to mix brands on some of my old bikes ; just gives nervous handling.... MY CBX-6 just got new Bridgestone BT-45 both front and back , we have Winter coming soon here in Sweden not tried them yet, but hope that will improve handling on my old beloved -78.
  17. Glitch
    Desperately seeking 2nd gen mule bike engine R/D info.... Yesterday at 8:18 AMEditDeleteReportComment
  18. Dave9993
    Dave9993 Fire-medic
    Hi I am a new V Max owner just bout a first generation full power model 1985, always wanted one but it needs a bit of work, I was hoping you could give me a bit of advise or if you know anyone who can, I am looking for a simple front brake calliper upgrade, the callipers are shot anyway so need replacing, do you know any newer twin pot callipers that would fit straight in?
    Cheers Dave
  19. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Single again after what seems an eternity and reviving my VMAX from years of storage. :-)
  20. Eric Cunningham
    Eric Cunningham Lil'skeet
    Gen 1 owner living in Johns Creek, ga. Where are you you going? Brasstown Bald?
    1. Lil'skeet
      I've been there. Don't really have a set route. I usually just head in a direction until it gets straight or come into a town. I try to stay on the t wisties. If you know your way around I'm in.
      Kurt 609 929 8459
      Oct 8, 2019
    2. Lil'skeet
      I'll be staying at exit 16 off hwy 400. Lake Lanier.
      Oct 8, 2019
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