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  1. Hipnip
    Hipnip vmax2extreme
    Please send a 2XL. How do I order?
  2. KB Max
    Hi, Did you ever find a Gen 2 V Max ?? Saw your post! It's an old one, but thought I'd give it a shot !!
  3. KB Max
    KB Max Mighty
    Is the flyscreen the same as gen-2 windscreen?? If so and you are still looking,, I have one new in the box!
  4. Binas
    Binas one2dmax
    Hi one2dmax
    i own a 2004 Vmax 1200 fullpower and sadly rode it with low coolant, and overheated. Now, she's leaking coolant from the right front cylinder head, and when it's idling, will spill most of the coolant after a few minutes.
    Do you have any idea what might be damaged inside the engine, what new parts i'll need and how much it will cost me to fix it?
    It still starts and rides without noticing any power loss.
  5. V-V
    1986 V-max 1200
  6. sdt354
    sdt354 Demonsinmysemen
    No question is idiotic, most members aren't mechanics and learned to fix their own bikes on the forum. I didn't know everything after wrenching over 40 years, and learned what I needed by asking for help. I'm always learning about my 89. Mostly how to eek out another horse power or
  7. sdt354
    sdt354 Demonsinmysemen
    What year is your bike? I ask because there are some slight differences in components. Nothing to loose by pulling the ignition fuse and checking it for blown or corroded spades. Di-electric grease on the spades is a good idea. Like my post Sean lends out an electrical parts kit. It saves you from buying parts not needed.
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    2. sdt354
      Yes those are the correct fuses. They should be hot on both sides with the key on. Let me get back to you on the correct wires to test, as there was some discrepancy in the manual. They gave bad info on the wires to test. Got to check my other computer when the wife gets off it. Got the info there.
      Jan 11, 2019
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    3. sdt354
      110 Ohms +/- 10% at 20 degrees C (68 degress F) is the spec. I'll dig up the wire colors to test.
      Jan 11, 2019
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    4. Demonsinmysemen
      Thanks for that. Okay, unfortunately it's dark over here now. I'm gonna have to wait until tomorrow after work to give it a try, hopefully.. thanks again, dude!
      Jan 11, 2019
  8. Eric R Prinz
    Eric R Prinz Mighty
    I recently installed a speaker system under my mirrors on my bike. I kinda screwed up the mirror mounts. I want mirrors with a different mount location. Any suggestions?
  9. fazemon
  10. KB Max
    KB Max caseyjones955
    Howdy! Only recently got signed up on VMAX. Saw your location and pic of your bike. May have met you a while back. Had a 87 Venture for sale. Thought maybe you stopped out by the Sugar Shack to take a look at it? I may have the wrong guy??
    If so,,, Sorry!
  11. Tmax-4938
    Tmax-4938 Fire-medic
    Hello, Fire-medic not sure what your name is, mine's Tony. Been reading about wheel conversions and 2 names come up yours and LCR, are you different people? I saw pics of a bolt up you posted that really looked good. I am looking to go to an 18" and be able to go the radials. Does the swingarm need notching to use your 18" conversion? And then of course, what's the cost? Any details would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
  12. beasty15
    Still looking for cool stuff for my vmax!!!
  13. Rolando Benavides
    Rolando Benavides
    Rolando looking for front tubes 2001 vmax mind are bent
  14. viveVmax
  15. arabian2
    arabian2 texas-ss-tornado
    Do you still have that 09 poster available?
  16. jandrax
    Up for sale 2009 Vmax 8150 miles has K&N filters Voodoo pipes, flashed.$9500 for members.text 786-351-6500 for questions
  17. rickr345
    Hello all. New member. I moved to Sarasota area from CT where Madmax racing ( Paul Civitello ) maintained my Vmax since 1995.
  18. KSMAX
    Love to ride and have a great time!
    COP RUNNER dannymax
  20. poppop
    poppop dannymax
    hey danny i hadn't been on here in a while.just got to thinking about you and finally found you.Hope you and heidi are doing ok and had a good thanksgiving..I hadn't been on here or donated in two years .Don't know how to send you a private message .I would love to hear from you .my e mail is ( .please e mail me.I miss you my ole friend.Terry