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  1. g2gboom
    g2gboom TwinDaddy
    I am sending you an email regarding the back wheel you have for sale. I can pay you via PayPal as soon as Friday 7/10.
  2. wacokid
    wacokid mattness
    I’m interested. I don’t do PayPal. Can you do zelle or cash app?
  3. jamessobush
    Hi All, thanks for the add....I have a 1989 v max have owned since new.
  4. OEM2004RIGHT!
  5. The One
    The One
  6. luisasalvati81
    luisasalvati81 one2dmax
    Ciao mi hanno consigliato di contattarti perche
    ho la necessità di aggiustare o modificare la centralina del mio Vmax 1200 anno 1986 tu puoi aiutarmi
    Vito Russo
  7. luisasalvati81
    luisasalvati81 CaptainKyle
    mi hanno consigliato di contattarti perche ho la necessità di aggiustare o sostirtuire la centralina della mia Vmax 1200 anno 1986
    puoi aiutarmi?
    Vito Russo
    1. CaptainKyle
      I don't understand the language
      Jun 24, 2020
  8. JTMAX
    If you think you are too old to rock'n'roll, then you are.
  9. racerboy
    racerboy one2dmax
    Good morning Mr. Sean, do you sell any frame bracing thingys? You know what I mean, crosses the motor on both sides. V/R Scott
  10. Walter Walker
    Walter Walker
    ride to ride tomorrow
  11. hbt1163
    Help...headlight is down.
  12. pkristofic
    pkristofic Fire-medic
    new to the forum here.... looking for a good mechanic in the miami/ florida keys area. Challenging to find someone who knows these bikes well in the Keys.
  13. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    If you do not have a set of vacuum gauges, you can get a decent set from amazon for $65.00 plus shipping. But still 3 turn out and 800 RPM.
  14. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Excuse the manly entries. Someone has limited the # of chars to 140, just over one line.
  15. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Carb sync is vital for a MAX to preform as it should. 2nd time after float check carbs were out a lot.
  16. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Just check your carb sync. You can get a good set of gauges from Amazon for about 65.00...ALPHA MOTO Universal.
  17. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    I never changed the pilot air jet, though it was suggested to do. I could not justify. I had the same setup on two others, 2004 and 2005.
  18. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    The slow jets set at 2 1/2 would not idle right. Supertrapp Silencers with full set of disks. Set at 3 and it idles at 800 RPM.
  19. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    I had fits getting these to idle right. I had set a float too low abd had to pull them to fix. Once back in the bike resynced them.
  20. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Check your carb Sync. I had just rebult these from sitting up. They are equilavent of stage 7 Dynojet.