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  1. Garydalton
    Garydalton Itgoes
    What size tire is on your bike in photo?
  2. Vinmax
    Vinmax one2dmax
    Hi Sean, regarding the deal with hooking up a Venture's gear indicator to a Vmax.......... well I did that today. So easy to do but I don't have it wired yet.
    I was reading through some old posts here about the gear indicator and you mentioned you can get the mating electrical clip so it all looks stock. Can you still get those? I'd like one when I go to wire this up with my LED's.
  3. NJ 102
    NJ 102
    Hi everyone
  4. Geoff Lewie
    Geoff Lewie
    Looking for a used 17 rear wheel that will fit the stock swingarm. Converted or manufactured. Silver is ok, but black is better.
  5. dan2theVmax
    dan2theVmax twistedmax
    Another request for max relaxers, just rode from Indiana to Mississippi.
    I will take a set of them when available, thanks.
  6. Desert Tank
    Desert Tank ckassem
    Hey man. I need your address to get you the wiring harness.
  7. GuruedVMax
    18' VMax. Gurued, K&N, air box mods, Dynojet PCV, Clutch Upgrades, Delkevic 8 inch round Carbon Fiber exhaust. Dyno'd 197. LOVE IT.
  8. putin
    putin one2dmax
    Sean, do you have set of head gaskets vmax 2007 for sale? And rubber washers.
  9. Dan77
    Picking up a 2000 vmax next week and cant wait!!
  10. jvs1670
    jvs1670 Itgoes
    Hello Sir, I finally decided to send my ECU to Tim Nash. I know the instructions were posted here somewhere that gave a step by step for removal. Any chance you could help point me in the right direction, I always enjoy reading all of your posts and I trust your advice. Thank you. John
  11. loghill
    Looking for a place to happen, making stops along the way...
  12. loghill
    Looking for a place to happen,
  13. 2459mike
    Warsaw Indiana
  14. Trapez
    Trapez dan2theVmax
    ?? What was faulty with your Vmax????
    1. dan2theVmax
      Out of sync throttle bodies, fixed and running like a scalded dog. Amazing machine.
      Jul 12, 2019
  15. Vmax54
    Vmax54 Onequickpuck
    Also if you want to use email instead of the forum my email is . Thanks
  16. Vmax54
    Vmax54 Onequickpuck
    Mike, Sean Morley told me about the 17" welded wheel you made for your Gen 2. I would really like to have one too. Would you be willing to do another wheel for me? My bike dyno'd at 197 and I want more acceleration and less top end. I would like to have a wheel that matches the stock wheel set. If you can let me know and we can discuss price. Thanks.
    1. Onequickpuck
      Hey mate :) Will drop you an email from
      Jun 25, 2019
  17. GPrider
    GPrider one2dmax
    Sean, I sent you a email today and it came back undelivered. Old email? ( Had some questions I wanted to ask. I suppose I could do it here, but I used to email you. Let me know.
  18. DRWard
    New to the Gen II world
  19. Okie Bill
    Okie Bill Traumahawk
    Thanks, Eric, for time, courtesy, advice and humor when we talked on phone over weekend. I've ordered the tool and copied Shotgun discussion. Intend to test bike shortly to more clearly understand whether problem is sync setting or pilot jet. When you get situated on land again, please share contact info (text to my phone or email as you wish). Cheers my friend!
  20. Traumahawk