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  • I created a couple V-Max Facebook groups, 'V-Max Canada', and 'V-Max Parts (Buy & Sell)', if you're on FB, you are welcome to join. I'm in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
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    I got the exhaust back on Fri Sheldon....looks good ,...he sent me an E mail about the mix up . So all is good,...the bike looks and sounds awesome now ,...only a few hundred mod's left to go,...lol.
    I hope the weather has been good for you and the riding time has been plenty.
    Bye for now.
    Hi Sheldon. I know how things can get busy, But can you please drop me a line and let me know if things are alright. I'm just gettin anxious and stressing a little about the bike .
    Hoping to have it together soon. I would just like to know if you ran into any problems or is there any issues with the parts I sent.
    I've had problems in the past that keep me stressed about dealing long distance. I would just appreciate some reassurance that I will see my exhaust again.
    Thx, hope the weathers been good to you out there.
    Hi, my name is Keith, i created a facebook group called 'V-Max Canada'. With this group i help members post and notify V-Max rides across Canada. Feel free to join the group and share your pics., videos or rides in your area weather they are coffee trips, or day trips. Don't be surprised when recognize other members. There's a ride on May 30th planned in western Canada. Keith
    Hows da moneypit?Got any news on the exhaust ? figured I'd wait to install the swing arm till I get the exhaust in ,..probably easier without it the way. Got my seat from Morleys ,..looks sweet and feels good.
    How are you guys making out ? any new improvements , or did you shake the mod monkey loose long enough to be able to do some riding for a change? Hope all is well out your way,..take er easy for now. Later.:punk:
    "Hey red are you in michagan and is the short form mi?" Yes, but I live in the Upper Peninsula, near Sault Ste. Marie, Mi.
    Never heard of them till Sean's post - did check the website and they do look like top quality tho - will be interesting to see how much $$$
    Just read your PM about the Otec triples,...I'm with you on those ,..Greatly appreciate the offer for the COO tree's ,..But I am also smitten with the Otec tree's, (don't tell Jim).
    I do like Tom's , but I really want the other tree's , I think it would look better with the attitude I'm going for with my ride.
    And the lowered bottom tree does make sense in a big way.
    GEEEZ man I gotta see some pic's of this machine your trickin...Black chrome ,..Otec tree's on USD forks'.....It's not like i want to see naked pic's of your girlfriend / wife ,...lol
    Let me know how you get the fornt fixed up ,..I really want this to happin at my end ,...but I would like some feed back on looks and ride .
    By the by,..got my exhaust and forks off to you guys this morn. If it doesn't get there before Jim goes to see Tom ,..no worries...like i said ..I don't see the forks going on the bike for awhile ,..gotta get the cash for them sweeeeeet tree's first.
    Thx for the friend request,....I packaged up my exhaust and the forks for Jim; hope it gets there before Fri. I'll ship it tomorrow asap.
    Jim's ride is sure lookin good. Wish I could thro just alil more money into mine this spring, but I'm already gettin close to tapping out on the mod monkey...
    Worst is not able to put the front end together this season,...after i pay Sean for the stretched swing arm, get the exhaust looked after and the forks fixed up, I'll pretty much be done. We don't have a shut down this summer , so won't be abale to make any extra cash.......sux. Can't wait to hear that can of yours.
    Unfortunately....no, Sheldon. I thought they were in the mail box but it turned out to be a big bulky tax return from the accountant.....BLAH!!!!

    I heard your front end is arriving this weekend.
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