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  • Ive been working on the resonator to increase the efficiency of my pineal gland and the results have been fantastic!
    I ran into "Johnny the boy" yesterday and he told me that Contalini wants his hand back! For God sakes man stop saying ya, ya!!!!!
    Looking forward to that ride Toe Cutter! Its coming up soon. Let me know what project you want to tackle this weekend.
    I must admidt i am no where near as poupular as you. Perhaps I am just afraid others will not like me or call me "Koho lips".
    Fantastic!!!! Sunday should become part of thr schedule and we will have those bikes 100% shortly. I will try Gary in prep for that seal job. I would like to snug that head bearing up a touch to avoid the 150 mph tank slapper if we can fit it in. By the way thanks for all the wisdom today, on my way to DGY to look at some gloves. BTW I got the oil.
    MAX-fan, thanks for pointing me to the Vmax and to the forums. Looking forward to doing some wrenching this Sunday and hopefully putting in some concrete ripping saddle time!
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