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    First Gear "Creep" With Clutch Disengaged

    That part is key, getting into neutral before coming to a stop. Most clutches of this design have some degree of drag to them, which is always worse when hot, and makes find neutral difficult because the system is always loaded to some degree even with the clutch disengadged. I usually need to...
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    Rode a V-Rod

    Boost FTW - I'd rock that!
  3. acammer

    Rode a V-Rod

    Must be some Sportster - my 1200 Sportster would barely eat a pedal bike going up-hill. It's not really that bad, but I've raced a few V-rods with different vehicles/bikes over the years, and I don't think the Sportster would have a chance at all.
  4. acammer

    Craigslist '01 vmax deal!

    Sharp bike, great deal.
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    It's possible I've lost my mind a bit, but the Vmax is on Craigslist...

    Rick - those are excellent points. I don't really have a guilt complex about having a toy, like you said, I work my tail off to provide for my family, and I'm ok with having some person enjoyment come out of my hard earned paycheck. I think more than anything I'm looking at this as that once I...
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    It's possible I've lost my mind a bit, but the Vmax is on Craigslist... I'm still not quite sure how I've ended up at this conclusion in my mind, but the VMax might be moving on. It's really a combination of a few things. Work at home starting for me next month will eliminate my 60 mile round trip commute. This...
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    OE Carbon Fiber tins - to paint, or trade for rough tins to paint

    Kyle - I will definitely keep that in mind. I have a local painter who also happens to be a very good friend, so he's hard to beat price-wise. Either way, I'm probably still a few months out from pulling the trigger on paint, until my riding season is wrapped up for the year and I can pull the...
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    OE Carbon Fiber tins - to paint, or trade for rough tins to paint

    Well, I pretty much knew from the get go that I would be doing paint on this bike at some point, and as I'm starting to line up what I want to do, I'm trying to decide if I should just use my OE carbon fiber tins, or if those are rare/special enough to bother trading them plus some cash for some...
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    Test Drove Victory

    I dunno, that said Kevin Carmiceal, not Ricky. But, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Ricky doing that stuff, I've seen him mx in person, just a wild man.
  10. acammer

    Oil seepage

    It's pretty common to get leaks at the valve cover ends. My front left intake cam cover on the end (rubber half circle) gasket leaks right onto the top left case, right where the case gasket is. It's minimal, I wipe it off one a day when I park it.
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    Performance Issue

    I have this issue too, I end up (what I think is) very rich at full hot idle, and I have that off idle stumble when blipping the throttle. Or, if I roll on too much throttle under 2000rpm I'll get a pretty abrupt stumbling as well. 2500rpm on up, I can slam it wide open without the slightly...
  12. acammer

    top speed of your vmax?

    I've seen 140 or so, had plenty left but running out of road. Perfectly smooth, I might add, I don't seem to suffer the oh so common wobble a lot of guys comment on. I routinely light my shiftlight (8800rpm) at around 125 and let it go a bit further when I hit the highway on my way to work...
  13. acammer

    Vmax Air Boxes and my thoughts

    I would have to agree, the Vmax seems to have considerable varience in a/f ratio from cold running to hot, and it makes sense, especially at idle when the air draw into the airbox is not that high, that intake air temperature would soar and leave you with enriched a/f mixtures. I notice this a...
  14. acammer

    Test Drove Victory

    I guess that's probably true, you can't really call a Vmax a cruiser. Mid mount pegs, sits you up real straight with a reach down to the bars. Cruiser to me has forward control and bars that leave your arm at least perpendicular to the ground, with hands at shoulder height. It most closely...
  15. acammer

    Test Drove Victory

    The only V-Twin bikes that have a prayer of hanging with the max in some form are the M109R and the Vrod. The rest of the muscle cruisers just don't have what it takes. Both the 109 and VRod are still slower, but they are in aproximately the same league. It was down to the Vmax, 109R, and...