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    V-Gas and Scoops instrucctions?

    Hey, anyone on here got a copy of the installation instructions that came with the V-Gas Setup with Scoops from UFO? I have been in touch with Star rider, but no joy as yet. Thanks in advance. Adie
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Thanks Jedi, it looks like thats what im going to have to get done, just looking for anyone set up for doing it in Aus.
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Now that's what im looking for. Perfect. hey Vmax-Mike, is ryan in here? any idea who or where he got them done?
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Cheers, they seem to be a different size. I noticed a couple of suzukis and hondas have the same rim size, might save a bit of machining if i only have to do the hub?
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Cheers. :-)
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Maybe a rephrase would clarify? I am looking at a spoked wheel conversion for one of my V-Maxes and was wondering if any of the other Yamaha shaft drive models with spoked wheels would fit like the vstar 1100. Before i seek prices to get some made.
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    Spoked rear wheel

    Hi do any of you guru types know of another shaft drive Yamaha rear wheel that is spoked and would be a direct swap for the OEM version?
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    Put yourself on the map...

    Perth Hills WA - Australia 97 Gen 1