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  • hey steve!!!! lots of pats fans here...especially if they are winning or playing the cowboys...lol...how is the bike coming along
    Yo Charles, I was hoping for Houston to come to N.E. this week. Are you watching the game anyway? Is it true the Pat's are disliked in Texas? Or is that media bull?
    Send me a pic? Much appreciated std354@yahoo.com
    Is it a weld up or bolt on? I'm very interested.
    Yep, at least this week.
    Bandera is on April 15th, 16th. You gonna make it? I got a cabin reserved one beds yours if you want it. Don't chicken out this time dude, you'll have a blast.
    I've written a reply to you, though you can not receive it because your message box is FULL. Please make a little room, you'll get a kick out of what I have to send you. Thanks,
    Still looking for a motor?
    I have an 89 motor with me, and am coming to Denver, CO. next week, from UT.
    (much closer than PA...)

    $900. + shipping (bare-no carbs or electrics-18K miles)

    98 motor w/ 3700 miles-$2200. + shipping
    (located in PA, but am traveling to GA, TX, NV, CO, KS, and back to PA, so could deliver anywhere along the way...)
    Hi Ant,
    I havent made up any for a streached set up but I could if you give the the center to center dist. I'll try to mill up a brake link for you. Please contact me at llefcourt@charter.net

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