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  • Hi Auddie my name is kingman im new to this site but ive been riding for over 40yrs .I have 85 max i bought new and a2010 max.Do you ever meet up with other maxs for rides or picnics or anything?
    I'm making a new thread in the carbs section about DJ Stage 1 set up your help would be appreciated if you can give me a direction there. Thanx
    Help Me, Please. I can't IM you, your box is full. You can IM me though.....

    Auggie: I was reading the post you had a few months back. I'm fighting a stage 1 in the 89 I picked up a few weeks back. I just swapped out the short soft diaphragm springs the PO had in for a set of stock springs. My PJ2 is a 170 right now and the needles are dropped all the way to compensate for an overly rich condition.
    I'm at sea level. I don't think you're much different. Can you tell me what setting your needles ended up at? How far out are your A/F Screws? Did you change the 170 PJ2?
    What Main Jet Size?

    Thanx for any input.

    Sorry man the bike night was the same day I sent you the message. I hadn't been online much and was meaning to get the word out a little in advance it just didn't quite happen. I'm 99% sure I was the only Vmax at the whole thing and there were a LOT of bikes there. Theres always next year!
    Did you still have the Cobra exhausts for sale? Would you take 225.00 shipped? Vince
    Kinda late notice. But didn't know if you knew about bike night in burlington NJ. Its an annual thing and is pretty big. They get a lot of vendors and show bikes out along the waterfront and bikes are parked along the streets for blocks.
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