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  • I had a WILD BROS EFI. it was JUNK. the system itself was ok I guess but the controller sucked , it was a kronenberg. the throttle bodies were 40mm on a 1260 motor and I cant recall what brand the injectors were but I think bosch. I took it to two tuners one got 118 hp out of it the other,better tuner got 131hp. trouble was it wasn't a self learning system so everytime the weather changed the bike wouldn't run right. I played with it for three years until I got tired of it.
    Then I took it to PCW in New York who to the EFI off and put carbs back on it,126 hp and ran year round. If you get in touch with John Gainey at PCW in Schenectady NY he may still have the system or could at least give you more technical info on it. My advice would be FORGET IT , if you want an EFI vmax buy a new one.
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