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    Misfire and backfire on decel - '88 Vmax

    Fire-medic, you provided this advice on another thread and I did make an attempt to reflow the solder. I have a decent soldering station setup and faithfully reflowed the solder at the circuit board connections, but it did not resolve the issue. I then tried to remove the solder from the...
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    Misfire and backfire on decel - '88 Vmax

    Follow-up to close out this hanging thread. I discovered that the misfire/backfire was caused by poor spark as a result of a faulty TCI box. Under low speed conditions, the TCI would not reliably spark the plugs, causing an erratic idle, poor take off, and misfire/backfire. Swapping out with...
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    Replacement cylinder head advice needed

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll find a head that includes the caps, but won't worry about finding matching cams. I'll check clearances while I'm checking the rest (conrods, mains, etc.)
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    Replacement cylinder head advice needed

    I've had a significant setback in the restoration process for my '85 Vmax. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine (2nd gear fix) and I paid a friend with a powder coating business to strip the paint from the engine parts. Most came out well, but for unknown reasons (I have my...
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    Ignitech TCI Capabilities

    I replaced my faulty stock 1988 TCI box with a "TCIP4 Full" Ignitech unit. The unit was pre-programmed at Ignitech to match the stock box performance. It looks like these things have some serious versatility. Question for the group...I'm planning to keep the bike in stock form...is there any...
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    Piston Hole Identification - Reassembly

    You guys are great! :D I'll get out the micrometers and the bore gauge and see if that illuminates the situation any.
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    Piston Hole Identification - Reassembly

    Thanks for the advice fellas! I've rebuilt many engines, just never made this particular mistake before. Looks like I'll need to pick up some plastiguage. I think I have two pistons identified based on barely legible tags and can put them back in their respective bores (sound better Mr...
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    Piston Hole Identification - Reassembly

    I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine from my '85 (2nd gear repair). When I pulled the pistons/rods, I put them in individual bags with tags identifying which holes they came out of. Unfortunately, the residual rust protectant I had on them dissolved the ink I'd used on the tags. Stupid...
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    Broken hex ball in bolt head

    I've had great luck using these diamond bits to slowly and carefully eat away the broken parts stuck in the hole...whether its a bolt, driver, tap, or easy out. https://www.harborfreight.com/diamond-rotary-bit-set-4-pc-69664.html
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    Carb bowl vent tube supports - WTB

    Does anyone have a set of these they'd be willing to part with? If so I'd appreciate it if you could hit me up with price+shipping to 50643. Thanks, Chris
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    OEM Spark Plug Caps Resistor or Not?

    Does anyone know whether the OEM spark plug caps are resistor or not? If so, what resistance? I've purchased some aftermarket NGK caps (SB05F) w/ 5kOhm resistors and I'm trying to figure out whether they pair up properly with the OEM NGK DPR8EA-9 resistor plugs or whether I should get the...
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    Old new tire dilemma - Should I ship it back

    Just took delivery of my new front tire from Chaparral and it was manufactured in March of this year. Lesson learned...if manufacture date is a concern, buy tires from higher volume dealers and not from one-offs on eBay.
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    Old new tire dilemma - Should I ship it back

    Thanks for the feedback fellas. I sent the tire back and ordered a replacement from Chaparral Motorsports. Hopefully their throughput is high enough to keep newer stock on hand.
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    Old new tire dilemma - Should I ship it back

    I just received a eBay purchased tire advertised as "Brand New". While it is certainly unused, the manufacture date is week 19 of 2018. I have several motorcycles I ride and tire life is determined by time and not wear as I don't put much more than a couple hundred miles on each per year. I'm...
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    No low speed spark on #1 and #3 '88 Vmax

    Back and forth several times...problem follows the '88 TCI. Guess I'm in the market for TCI...they're cheap and easy to find...right? :(