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  • Just wanted to say hi sammy. And invite you on a ride to west viginia on friday june 21st. We will leave the days inn at 630ish and take 219 to parsons wv. We will ride some cool mountain rd and take 219 back to sumerset. Try to be back by 4ish to eat with everyone.
    What rear tire do you run? I have a Metzler Marathon now but it needs replaced, thought about going with a Shinko 230 TM. Seems like some guys on here like em.
    I also need to figure out how to install some pics on the forum, I just dont get alot of free time to mess with it, I dont like the big question mark beside my logon name
    Just seeing if your pipes came in. Also letting you know that I bought that chin fairing and also bought a led rear light kit that eliminates the stock taillight. I wanted a nice kit that does not require me to do any hacking on my bike!. I would still like to hear your modified stock exhaust, did you take them off yet?
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