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  • Just wondering if you have COP kits for sale. Please email @ Traumahawk532@gmail.com Thank you
    I don't have any COP's or harnesses at the moment. Honestly, it may be a bit before i do as i'm working on other projects at the moment. Nope i'm not the Mark who makes the exhausts. I can't weld for crap!

    i was directed to you for the cop mod. I was looking to do this mod to my 96 and was wondering if you still sold the complete kits to do the change over?
    Let me know when your wife gets home and I will get the paypal right to you.
    Thanks again,
    looking for a little help on the wiring needed to do the cop mod shown in these threads? should i be looking for a wiring harness compatible with the bike i chose the cop's from? any help will be appreciated.

    thanks jeff
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