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  • Hi: I'd love to buy the Morley sea if it's still available. I'm in the 85383 area code (Arizona.) Thanks.

    Hey there Bro. Still have the Starfighter seat. Although I do not have it advertised, it is for sale. I recently sold a seat to "Clintard" and you can contact him for a reference if you like. I am positive you would be ecstatic with the condition, quality and feel of this seat especially if you are under 225 lbs. I have sold a few seats and as a reminder, I am not charging a core charge and you do not have to pay for shipping me a core so when you see UFO or Morley prices, there are additional costs when buying from them. As a bonus, there is no waiting when buying from me! I also have stock seats and good cores available. If you are still interested, drop me an email with your zip code. There are no packing or handling charges as I have free access to all that at work. Sincerely, PatMax
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