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  • Buster, had a hiccup posting a “for sale” ad and other members are getting my post. Not sure what is going on but I have posted before with no problems. Anyway you could look at my ad for “Grabbars” in Parts for sale please. Seems like I pissed off one member already with the unsolicited post to there page. Thanks. Patrick

    I have been doing some thinking of giving a Cops kit away. First it was kind of a general knowledge quiz. However it would be impossible with the internet to not have a few that would use it to get ahead so to speak. Then I came to the conclusion of making it a raffle then taking the proceeds and giving it to a organization like wishing star etc. However if possible somehow connect it to the motorcycle riders. Perhaps there is group for injured riders.... what do you think? We could place a banner up on the forum about this injured riders group or whatever it maybe..

    Thanks G
    Hey Buster, about 2 months ago someone sent me a video of a guy changing tranny gears. about to start the job now , i have my book but no video for a quick overview. Can you hook me up ,or turn me on too someone who can? Would really appreciate it...
    thanks, that's what I just figured out. I don't have an icon for adblocker so I could change it back easily. but after find out how to get to "tools" (alt, T, buttons) there it was and I allowed everything back and it all works now. I'll probably still block the ads at the top of the page as it makes my screen jump up and down. kinda frustrating when trying to read things.
    thanks for your help, bill
    Schudaddie, it sounds like your ad blocker is being too aggressive it what it blocks. The logo and menu bar are also part of the code that runs the banner ads.
    what would keep this website from loading properly? I'm using firefox and have lost the ability to see the forum logo etc at the top of the screen. there are no avatars ,thumbnails, or the option for a new post. thats why I'm writing you here. if I use internet explorer everything looks fine. I checked it also on my wifes computer and it looks fine using firefox. I must have changed something when I used add blocker to stop the ads at the top of the page from making the page jump up and down. thanks for your time, bill
    Hi, is there another way to find Vmax owners near me, like searching users by state or city ? The map forum exists even tho the map doesnt work anymore ? All I can find under members is search by name alphabetically....thanks.
    have you Forum.net Tshirt for sale, and any other things like cap
    Hi Buster still wating for a high rez image, Hope u saw the PM I sent u.If there's any problem with this patch bizness let me know OK.....thanks Rusty:biglaugh:
    Gary can yo shoot me an email? [email protected] I have a format I'd like you to see regarding the road Side Assistance Program. A google map I'd need help with, then would gladly maintain it.Idealy a link button on top of the forum? Or a sticky if we need to.
    buster this is maximum x give me a call about the ride to hell and back 517 260 2348 thanks. mike.
    Hey Gary, I was thinking my internet provider was giving me crappy service but after the last few days I can get anything really fast except vmax forum. It's taking 3-5 min to open any thread.

    Hi Buster Thank you for the recording of your Marks exhaust. It sounds great but I can't find where to buy them. Is Marks the best sound or has something else come out that you would recommend. This is my first time on this site. Thank you in advance. Al in Orlando. [email protected] or (321) 231-3993
    Hey B, I don't think TAG search is working. I did a search for the tag OIL and it found nothing. Check it out if you get a chance please...

    Buster, are you expecting any more VMF T-shirts any time soon? I'd love to have one, but it's going to have to be friggin' big one!
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