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  • Welcome to the site! I live in Michigan, eastern end of the U.P. but I get over to Antigo from time to time visiting relatives. Enjoy your Vmax and if your ever in my neck of the woods give me a shout.
    Hey how's it going,I also ride an 86 (sparkle maroon max)Yours is probably the only other one i've seen on here.Probably never get to do any riding together being that i'm in Ohio so enjoy your vmax and be safe.You'll learn alot on here about these bikes,see you later
    Hi there fellow Max Newbie. I to am from the great state of Wisconsin. Where abouts are you? I live in Birchwood which is north of Rice Lake. I am always looking for people to cruise with. I just bought a 96 Max and I have pictures of my bike and others in my album if your interested. Happy Maxing!!!
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