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  • I am a fellow (previous) vmax owner. jims94vmx is my screen name. Had the bike for 17 years and 75K miles. I sold it this year and picked up a 2010 Kawasaki Concours C-14. I started a thread asking if anyone did cnc/aluminum work. Here is what I put and why

    I have been loving the C-14 I bought but still miss my max! Funny how some new folks joining the COG (concours owners group) are fellow vmax riders also! My question is the bike is great except the slight lean on the riding position. This link shows a great handlebar pullback riser that quite a few of us are interested in....the problem is the maker is mia, takes money and has not sent product to quite a few people. I was wondering if anyone in this community might be interested in making these? Here is the link. http://www.advancedsporttouring.com/...s_p/c14-03.htm
    Or if any of you actually know this guy, maybe find out what his problem is! LOL

    Sorry to see you sold your vmax Todd I had fun riding to thunder with you and mike. Did u sell the turbo bike?
    Just wondering if u would be interested in making me a custom Brake lever (Billit Aluminum) I want it to come off the shaft with the same offsets as the stock lever, but 13 1/2" longer I don't like the forward controls because to me they stick out to far, If u look at my bike on the gallery on this sight u can get an idea of how I like to keep my forward pegs close to the frame keeping my legs close, and inside. I have a Busted Hip and can't use my rear brake because I can't take my foot off of the forward peg because of the pain.
    Thanks; Byron Degeyter
    Do you have a licience to sell me an ACP? Looking to get something for the range, not REALY home protection.
    Steve from Lansing
    It was nice to meet you and your wife today, we post up a lot of Michigan rides so keep an eye out.
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