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    Stripping powdercoat

    Having stripped ALOT of parts that are PC'ed, I can say small parts I will strip with air craft stripper; takes forever, and then media blast. I use 120 grit aluminum oxide to rough the surface so the PC will stick. I noticed someone mentioned wet sanding. I would assume that they are NOT going...
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    Another update..... I am getting there!

    Yeah I am gettin all healed up.... Thanks guys! My road is more clear now ahead of me, but I still have a path ahead of me. Todd
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    Another update..... I am getting there!

    Well its been 6 months since the accident. Quite a bit of hospital visiting, surgeries, rehab and rehab..... Things are getting better. I ve been worried about my thumb and memory loss ( short term ). My shoulder surgery went well, surgery was longer then he anticipated. I have 6 holes in my...
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    Little post accident update

    Sean I understand the reality of riding, its actually a gruesome one we all face. I ve been riding for close to 25 years and have logged well over 200,000 miles on bikes over that period. I know I am very vocal about my riding and the stupid stuff I see. I ride a lot. This year even with the...
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    Little post accident update

    Whew.... I thought I owed you $200.... :rofl_200:
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    Award Request for Vmax-Mike!

    - customizedcreationz ------------------ Sender Information Userid: 316 User Name: customizedcreationz What is your name?: Todd McKechnie ----------------------------- Request Information: Award ID: 2 Name: Nice guy award Description: Forum user who always helps out a fellow...
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    Little post accident update

    Well I have been very busy with trying to keep business going and make some decisions I ve been wanting to make, but now all of a sudden forced myself into making them. I wont bore people with details on some of them. But I ve made some rather large financial decisions and I am very glad I...
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    Special thanks to Vmax Mike, Leecifer, Beekeeper and Scuff!

    Well another accident this year... almost 25 years of riding and never an accident and I have two in one year. Engine malfunction first time and animal ran in front of me second time. Not sure if I hit it. Can't see any signs of hitting it, but then again, the front of my bike is gone lol...
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    Paypal for Todd motorcycle accident (customized creationz)

    I appreciate everything from everyone. I will make another post, but just wanted to update everyone. I am doing better. I have to go back for surgery on my left hand and right shoulder. Thankfully not my back. They are going to just leave that alone. I suffered from broken T1 transverse...
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    Driver Attacks Motorcyclist in Road Rage Incident + Video

    Last I checked California was the only state that it was legal to lane split?
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    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    No acciddent report, I called insurance agent and she said not needed.
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    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    State farm doesn't use kbb or nada. They have their own third party I guess. Mitchell is the name I keep hearing. There was no fault, no other people involved.
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    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    There is no bodily damage and it was just me on the bike.
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    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    I am there with the supervisor and they are waiting on the third party company is what they keep telling me.
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    Michigan ride July 10-11

    I was going to attend, but 6+ hours ride to get there and everyone I know didn't sound like they were going. Sorry guys.