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    thanks everyone

    well i hated to do it but got rid of my max the other day. but adleast i know it went to a good home . i allways loved the look of the bike but it just didnt fit me. and couldnt see keeping it anymore my legs were to scrunched up it cooked me with the cooler rad fan switch and the fact i had...
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    rear sets

    thats what what i was hoping to hear. i have drag bars on mine also. not doing it for the look .honestly i had a zx 11 before this bike it had 1 inch risers it was very comfy .my feet just feel wrong on the stock pegs and with the way my knees are bent riding the shifting action just doesnt...
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    rear sets

    has anyone ever tried these. wrs rearsets trying to move my legs back a bit has a sport max seat wich makes it even closer to the stock 5 ft 9 when my feet are down the footpegs hit me right in the ankles. and there is somthing about the square...
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    k&n filter question

    i have a k@n in filter in my airbox question is the rubber knub that fits into the slot in front of the filter there is a little peice of spunge rubber almost looks like its for a breather but looking inside the filter there is no hole just an out dent in the rubber the nub is hollow . is that...
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    easiest way to check v boost

    v boost is fine checked it today tightend all the boots pulled top off the airbox slides are fine. idle screws dont seem to make any differance .even tweeked the butterflys doesnt help . i didnt pull the plugs its not blowing black smoke or anything. need to get batteries for my lazer temp...
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    easiest way to check v boost

    thanks for the info. i figured thats what it was . have to trace it even farther it has a toggle switch with hi and low rpm . i also need to get the carb styx out i think one of the throttle blades is off a little at idle or idle screw . i bought the bike 350 miles north where it was tuned and...
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    cold starting

    boy makes me glad winter is over in the south drove mine yesterday and the day before to work mid 70s :clapping:{not trying to rub it in}
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    easiest way to check v boost

    whats the easiest way to check v boost? i noticed today when i turn the key on you can usually hear the v boost making its clicking noise for about 5 sec .today it just went click click the exhaust sounds differant at slow speeds smells a bit rich when your in traffic kinda bucks when you roll...
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    gas/fuel/petrol mileage

    funny you should ask i kinda did buy it for gas mileage my car gets 8 my supercharged pu truck gets 15 but its close to double what im used to . but if i really need gas milge i can jump on my little 750 . but gas mileage really isnt an issue just wanted to compare it to others. i think it...
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    gas/fuel/petrol mileage

    Re: my gas milage sucks bike isnt stock set up stage 1 k@n in stock box with y removed kerker no baffle just the end cap 165 mains . carbs were sync. less then 500 miles ago when tnt did the work and dyno. its a 99 just turned 10k makes great power 124.4 rwhp 84 torque . i figured it should...
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    gas/fuel/petrol mileage

    my gas milage sucks finally went thru my first tank of gas not sure exactly what the milage is but mostly in town. the tank :th_signs60:before gas was stale put a little gumout in it also . 80 miles the fuel light came on and i havnt ran it hard . how many miles is average till the fuel light...
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    Corbin seat?

    i have the sportmax on mine a bit lower and wider then the original but very comfy dont know how it would work out for people over 6 ft you would probbibly have to put your legs over the handlebars . i have a lowered ltd 750 also that towers over the seat height of my max
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    Captain Kerker or UFO

    dont know about the other but my bike was tuned with the kerker with no baffle just the end cap sounds great not like any motorcycle ive ever herd :Headset: if you want loud you got it to loud for me .im afraid im gonna wake the neighbors starting it up in the morning at 5 am
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    Are My Carbs too rich or is the Spark plug gap off?

    i will have to get the paper with the specs its in a bag in the garage with the differant size baffles just got home from work 14 hrs today will check and get back to you tomarrow
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    Are My Carbs too rich or is the Spark plug gap off?

    very strange almost sounds to rich they had that problem with mine with the kerker pipe it was 104 and 68 i believe on the torque they removed the y on the airbox when installing the k@n i believe i have the jet sizes and needle height if you want them let me know. if you know what is in...