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    Ethanol vs Non-Ethanol

    Hey Guys.. I don't have a newer max "YET", but I've been FORCED to become a huge advocate of keeping the fuel system clean. Now knowing what ethanol can do to an UN-COATED tank (and everything connected to it), I have to ask the question.. Are the newer 97 - 20XX tanks coated? Did they take into...
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    Trying to ID a part

    Are you referring to these plates (yellow arrows on pic). If so, I've never had to go in there before. Maybe that's why I'm not familiar with the spark plug trick.
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    Trying to ID a part

    "Also remember to drain the cylinders (covers on the side, bung is removed by screwing in the threaded end of a spark plug and pull)." I'm Not 100% sure of what you mean by this? I've never heard of draining the cylinders.. I've heard of draining the carbs of gas from the float bowls before...
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    Trying to ID a part

    I have a little question about this procedure.. Let me hear your thoughts on it.. We all know that we can see the oil level, in the sight glass. ALSO: Keep in mind, that the author of that article says "He thinks" it would be wise to drain these fluids (oil and coolant). Granted, I can see the...
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    Trying to ID a part

    WOW.. What a write up and great photos.. Thanks Mabdcmb. It sound like the guy who wrote that post experienced the exact same thing I did.. After washing the bike and taking it for a test run.. This is not going to be an easy task, as I have to work outside. Considering you have to drain the...
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    Trying to ID a part

    Hey guys, I finally got the two gaskets AND the proper name for that bump, that sits in between the front and rear sets of cylinders. From the Internet, its called the "Breather Cover" Yamaha Part #: 1FK-1246E-01-00 & 1FK-1246A-01-00. After Cleaning my bike, I noticed there was some blue gasket...
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    Trying to ID a part

    Thanks for that info guys.. Now I wonder, why did they mount the screws for that thing inverted? How are you supposed to get an Allen key or some type of wrench in there to service it?
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    Trying to ID a part

    While giving my 91 a well needed bath after the winter dust settled on her, I was washing in between the cylinders and I noticed a little bit of blue silicon gasket material. It looks like the previous owner put some sealer around that oblonged item that sits between the front and rear...
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    no lights when key is turned? sounds like a fuse.
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    Starter noise 2000 vmax

    Glad you got it all sorted out.. Soon it will be time to put her away for the winter :-(
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    Engine paint reference?

    I use the Engine Paint kit from KBS coatings. In my case, I hand brushed it on, Mostly with a light feather brush. I would have liked to spray it on, since it would have came out smoother, but I did not have the means for spraying. As for the color, There were times I could not tell if I painted...
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    Rust in the float bowls

    I'd suggest coating your tank.. I've done 4 tanks so far.. 1 for me, and 3 I've sold.. The system I've had great success with is the KBS Tank Sealing kit. It takes a bit of prep work, but once you're done, you'll be happy with the results.. KEY IMPORTANCE: Follow the recommended steps and make...
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    ??? Some folks have WAY too much time on their hands.. LOL!!! Here ya go..
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    No longer endorsing

    Thanks Sean, I already ordered a new OEM today,, I'm hoping that it holds up like the stock. If I can get 26 years of use, like the original, I'd be happy. Then again, I don't know if the previous owner replaced it before I got it. It looked pretty crusty when I took it out of there. If it...
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    No longer endorsing

    I am no longer endorsing Regulator Rectifier . com I purchased a replacement Pulser Pickup Coil (PPC), after my 1st one was busted (which was my own fault for not replacing my loose starter clutch, and revving too high). Took my bike for a nice little cruise...