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  • just reading a post of yours .
    i put an r1 front end on my old sportster and i had to have the tripple tree shaft machined down a little for the 1" bearrings in the sporty .
    heres the issue ...... no speedo drive .
    so now i have to use a gps to see how fast im going.
    Whats up, my name is buck, currently living in Kailua...at least for a couple more months. I will have my bike up and running by the middle of next week, give me a call sometime, 808-224-1048, if i dont answer just leave a mesage and ill get back to you, later. - Buck

    Sorry, I tried to email you but kept getting a failure message. I'm off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Let me know what your schedule is like. [email protected] And my number is (808) 479-7220.
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