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  • Hey guy! Yeah. Brad did the shotgun and it fixed it. I also installed a marks performance exhuast on her. She's loud now! It's running alright. Needs tuning though!
    I have clubs but I'm a hack!
    I am going to ask him about my steering bearings. I need to have them checked - and he seems to know quite a bit about the Maximous!
    He'll enjoy seeing you, for sure. Brad's a good fellow. He can help you out in all things VMax and he's a decent golfer as well...almost as good as me! LOL!
    Never mind pumpkin-guy. Someone who may be able to help you is Brad from Oshawa. He did a great job painting his bike. He likes to use expensive paint and it's worth it. He may be able to paint your helmet as well. Please consider that a lot of helmet manuafacturers warn that paint can damage your helmet or void its DOT/Snell certification.

    If you ever get tired of this colour, there's a fellow on this forum that does a wicked brownish/orange (pumpkin) paint scheme and he'll paint your helmet the same colour too (even if it has graphics). PM me if you're interested and I'll give you his name.
    Hmm, UPS *sometimes* has cheap options.
    The regular post also has some cheaper options sometimes (here in Canada anyway).
    I do most of my ordering from the states - and sometimes it's cheaper than others. Depends on where it's coming from I guess :)

    Thanks again. I saw the replica and wanted it bad. I don't mind paying :)
    Thanks for the understanding. I will get your Vmax model out tomorrow. For future reference is there any way to ship to Canada from the US at a decent price? Vince
    Ouch! Paypal shows 2 options priority inter. or express. Priority is 18.05 and express is 27. Both are too expensive, I should have specified US only. Do you know of another way to ship that is less and how to do it? Please let me know. Could send priority but would need another 5 and hate too do that. Vince
    Whats the best way to ship to Canada? Last time I shipped one of these it cost me 16. Vince
    You can paypal me at diprimos_123@yahoo.com for 26 which includes the shipping. Provide me with your address and I will get it shipped out. Thanks. Vince
    Looks like you already have an answer! Mine is the same color as gamorg02, except it's an '04, Matte Black.
    hey man, the bike is flat (matte) black. the stripes are a matte silver as well.

    i got the knee guards from a gent in the UK. i can put you in contact if you wish! they are also on the UK ebay from time to time... PM me for his email if ur interested!
    hey man, my frame braces are from exactrep and the other things are called knee guards. completely cosmetic. i can hook you up with links/people for both if interested... both come from the UK tho
    Hi, my name is Keith, i created a facebook group called 'V-Max Canada'. With this group i help members post and notify V-Max rides across Canada. Feel free to join the group and share your pics., videos or rides in your area weather they are coffee trips, or day trips. Don't be surprised when recognize other members. There's a ride on May 30th planned in western Canada. Keith
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