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  • Just to let u know if it makes any differince.Hells kitchen is 1hr 45min.from where u live.About 86miles.But I know how much fun Laughlin is too.:biglaugh: O' I never got your first name??:confused2:
    Thats ok,take some pic's of your Vmax river run for the fourm.Will do the same with the Hell's Kitchen run.I mite be interested in a Rock store run this summer.Thats right in your back yard.Ill stay in touch......Rusty
    Alright here we go, lets make this official.....

    SoCal VMAX ride - Sunday May 1, meet at Hell's Kitchen (32685 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, California 92530) at 10:00. Everyone bring a strip map of where they think would be good places to ride from Lake Elsinore. We'll figure out what the best one or two are over a beer and then head out.

    Thanx for the great idea Rusty I can't think of a better place to start a VMAX ride than a place called Hell's Kitchen. You all have one month to get your bikes back together so we can make this a good showing.

    Got any questions or suggestions please drop me a line.

    Thats great,were working on a time & place.As u can see in the hookup threds.Looks like will have Vmax's from all over So Cal.We will all know more about it as we create it.If u have any suggestions we'd be glad to hear...Rusty:biglaugh:
    Would you be interested in a Vmax event,some time in May? We are working on a So.Cal ride .See the rides/hook up thred's......Thanks Rusty.......PS, I grew up in Woodland Hills.@ Ventura blvd & Canoga :biglaugh:
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