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  • Hi just been looking at your 85 what is the fan on the front of your radiator ? I've never seen anything like that before
    Whats dude. Im back on a Max now and was wondering if any of the SoCal guys wanted to meet up for ride.
    I put up a thread in the rides section but only one guy has responded.
    Let me know if you wanna hook up.
    PM me with a price. Just really need a poor or non functioning unit.

    CHECK THIS OUT. Started a SoCal VMAX Group (SoCal VMAX inc.)...go to the group section and sign up. This will make it easier to keep in contact on the forum.

    DO it DO it NOW!!!!!!,
    Had a great time....was good to finally meet ya. Look forward to riding with you again soon.

    The meet up will remain at Hell's Kitchen. Please text your phone #s to me so we can all stay in contact.

    Any ideas for an alternate meeting place? Maybe something right off Interstate 15?

    Sounds like us VMAXers need to stay clear of the Ortaga HW.

    Please let me know so we can make it official and I can attempt to contact everyone.

    The ride is still a go...does anyone have an issue linking up at 9 instead of 10? I'm pretty sure I have the longest ride to the linkup point and I don't mind leaving between 6:30-7 to get there by 9. I have to be back to Fort Irwin by 4pm and would like to have that extra hour so I'm not consistantly looking at my watch.

    Let me know,
    Looking forward to meeting you and going for a kick ass ride....Hope we have a good turnout.

    Keep it running,
    Alright here we go, lets make this official.....

    SoCal VMAX ride - Sunday May 1, meet at Hell's Kitchen (32685 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, California 92530) at 10:00. Everyone bring a strip map of where they think would be good places to ride from Lake Elsinore. We'll figure out what the best one or two are over a beer and then head out.

    Thanx for the great idea Rusty I can't think of a better place to start a VMAX ride than a place called Hell's Kitchen. You all have one month to get your bikes back together so we can make this a good showing.

    Got any questions or suggestions please drop me a line.

    Did a "no more wind dance" in the back yard last night...looks like it worked...now we have some prime VMAX weather....I'll be in San B on Thursday....Workin' or free?

    Alright....looks like we may have about 5 or 6 that want to make this SoCal ride happen. I'm free Sunday, May 1st and Saturday, July 23 or 30. Drop a line and let me know what works best for everyone. I would like to do the May one and then do one of the dates in July.

    Let me know.

    How's the weather down the hill....pretty shitty up here in the high desert...so ready for some good ridin' weather.

    Looks like we have about 5 so far for the SoCal ride. Was thinking Apr/May time frame. We'll work some weekend dates that work out for as many guys as possible.

    Later bro,
    419.304.5135 I'm Irvine, where you live? Once I'm up and running we should cruise, since you make it sound like there are not many of us.
    The wheels are Carrozarias (I spelled that wrong) and are NOT cheap. Sean Morley MAY be able to get you a set but they stopped making them not long ago. They are great wheels.

    Thanks for the props!

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