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  • Great to meet you and cory! Had a blast. Thanks for sticking by our side when the old max decided to give us a hard time! Glad it got fixed so fast! Ill post videos and pix when I get home. So far I put over 500 miles on in TN. I turned screws in a 1/2 turn no problems. Little rougher idle maybe? Should I resync after adjusting them?
    Shane, don't know if you got the message I sent a couple of minutes ago. Still getting used to this system. Sunday sounds good. Call me with the details. 375-7675 (c)
    Sounds good. I've been crossing over into NC via the Knotts Island ferry which is a decent ride. Let me know your availability. By the way, my name is Matt.
    Just curious is that a H.a.c. sissybar and rack ? I've been looking for one.
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