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  • Can you tell me where to get the same set of forward pegs you have on the orange bike please, thank you
    I pass thru every 2 weeks, and drive thru Lafayette going to Amelia. I will definitely have to give you call, and possibly bring the bike down. That is a GREAT looking bike!!!
    That is a great looking bike. Didnt know that you lived in Lafayette, I pass thru there every 2 weeks for work.

    Wish I could have made it but I had to catch a job out in the Gulf. Probably be here until the weekend after Mardi Gras. But damn sure appreciate the offer! Ya'll enjoy!
    Not yet. Have an email commitment to buy. But will require a deposit to secure and take off the market.
    I will look they were bought in like 2005 so i have to look for the paperwork which i have all the receipts ill look tonight and email u 1st thing when i find out..
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