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  • James nice to hear from you been a long time . I called your cell and left a message I will try your home on sunday..
    I'm about 10 hrs I think. I'm running way rich too. Sean thinks I've left a few hp on the table. But, I'm a believer in 13 to 1 at the leanest. Rich seems to make good torque.
    I open a tread on the forum;
    -Searching for brake line and banjo-bolt that can be built at home
    -STD354 send me your name as good contact because you did so and you could steer me in the right direction

    Thank you
    Ride home was nice. Your bike sounds good. Did you have any rain on your way home. Just got home before the rain started. It was nice meeting you.
    Well now that your road worthy, we must meet up sometime for a ride of the MD Vmax guys. I will have to see what Sunday I'm free to ride so we can all get out for some fun!!!
    Hi guys from MD, I just bought a 1992 Vmax. I did my 1st ride on her 136 miles.
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