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      I've got much more than 1K on my Corbin and it's still pretty hard. The previous one they had to warranty was due to 1) seat pan didnt...
    • J
      I'd like some clarity on the subject line: Corbin seat opinions (2nd gen) - is this about Corbin seat for a 2nd Gen Vmax OR - 2nd Gen...
    • J
      jimbojones132 replied to the thread Morley's custom seat!.
      It does look like great workmanship. Was wondering how big of a guy you are? I'm pushing 300lb and have a Gen2 Corbin that I...
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      jimbojones132 replied to the thread gear indicator.
      I've been running a (83?) Venture rear diff for over 100k km's and with ~11% reduction across stock gearset, it's about as close to 6th...
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      jimbojones132 replied to the thread PC 680.
      Bang-on advice! BTW - just switching out my original PC680...15yrs old. That is INSANE...I've never had a battery before that lasted...
    • J
      jimbojones132 replied to the thread Hi everyone.
      1st Vmax spun a main bearing (yes, it was modded/rode hard) - sold it to a guy who figured he'd rebuild it (someday....) 2nd Vmax was...
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