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  1. John R

    How tight for oil filter???HELP!!!!!

    If you tighten it too much, the o-ring could get disformed and cause the filter to leak like no tomorrow. To test it, loosen the filter briefly (yes, you willm get some oil spillage) and then tighten it again with one hand. Replace oil and start it up. If it still leaks, remove oil filter and...
  2. John R

    Can't see or open

    Cop Runner, if you are browsing the internet from work or with a work laptop or through a work link, then your work probably has a filter turned on at the fire wall to prevent large downloads of files sizes, or something like that. I'm not a computer guru. All I know is I browse this site...
  3. John R

    Plime of smoke under hard acceleration

    If you have been using Seafoam in every tank, could it not be the Seafoam making the plume?
  4. John R

    '06 or '07 Vnax Wallpaper

    Tada! Thank you. That worked perfectly. I feel better now.
  5. John R

    '06 or '07 Vnax Wallpaper

    I like the middle one. I had the first one up originally. Kinda' like the different angle on the second one. When I set it as backgroud though it blurs out ever so slightly.
  6. John R

    '06 or '07 Vnax Wallpaper

    I had an '06 Vmax wallpaper on my computer that i got from the Yamaha website back in '06. I lost it and now I can't find it on the internet. Did anyone download and keep it that they could send me or post up here? Maybe someone knows where I can find the wallpapers on the internet? Thanks.
  7. John R

    new game

    gamorg02 gets the prize. It is a Confederate Motorcycle Hellcat.
  8. John R

    new game

    No, sir. It's a brand new bike. Hint: It's a domestic manufacturer. Hey, if I stump people on this, do I get a prize?
  9. John R

    new game

    Hope this works.
  10. John R

    new game

    Honda v45 or v65 Magna
  11. John R

    How firm is your rear brake pedal?

    Gamorg2, yes, when npt pressing on the brake pedal it is level. When the bike is not moving, the pedal is firm. As soon as the bike starts rolling, the pedal gets soft and travels farther.
  12. John R

    How firm is your rear brake pedal?

    Is it me or is it odd that, so far, those who are having the same issue as me all have '06s? One2dmax, as I was leaving the Yamaha dealership, the service manager was scratching his head over the symptoms as I described them. He then said something about maybe a master cylinder issue. I asked...
  13. John R

    How firm is your rear brake pedal?

    I've been dealing with rear brakes issues for awhile now. When I bought my '06 new, the rear brake pedal was pretty firm when I applied the brake. With 12,000 miles on the bike now, the pedal started getting softer and traveling farther when I apply the brakes. I put on new EBC HH pads and have...
  14. John R


    As we get closer to the Rally I'll start picking up this thread to see who all is going and where they are staying. I'll be there Aug 2nd through the 8th. We are camping out, just not sure where right now.
  15. John R

    Shrink Wrapping a Trailered Bike?

    I'm flying up to Sturgis for my first ever Sturgis Bike Rally. My bike, and six others, are going to be trailered up to Sturgis from Atlanta, GA. As it stands now, the trailer we are going to use is an open flat bed with no front wall nose or side walls. I have been told that trailering bikes...