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  • Hey,
    Great to hear back from you. I had a great time in Green Bay. Yeah, it did suck I was there w/out my bike, but I rented one from VanDerVest an went up to Door County. I had some great time visiting family in GB and friends in Milw.
    Haven't heard from you on the forum in a while.
    The good news. I'm in Green Bay. The Bad news- My Max is in ND.
    Morley's seat rocks. It's way better than stock for sure. It sits lower so you are more in the bike than on top of it. Mine is the 2 tone black/carbon with the vmax stitched in the flip up, and it looks sweet too. He'll do up a core first (as long as he's got one on hand) and you don't have to ship him your core until you receive your seat. The farthest into ND I've made it to is Fargo, quite a few years back. My family is native to Green Bay, I however was born in Maine, and then my family relocated back to Green Bay when I was < 1 yr old. Snow sucks! I'm ready for it to be over, but we are supposed to get rain/snow tomorrow and wednesday over here :(
    I have been thinking about getting one of Morely's seats. How do you like it? My middle flip-up section has cracks in the vinyl and I was thinking about upgrading to a more comfy seat anyway.
    Did you have to send your old cores in first or did you work something out to send yours after you received the new one?
    Sorry I didn't respond to your last message. I hadn't been online much the last 2 weeks ( we had a big exercise at work) To answer your last question, I am living up near the US/ Canada border in N Dakota. Gotta love the riding season here, LOL. It is actually starting to snow as I type.
    Are you a Green Bay native or did you relocate there? You looking forward to the coaster opening up at Bay Beach this season?
    I'll chat with ya later.
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