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  • Did i ever respond to your request, can't remember....About all I have to offer on swingarm instructions is in my original post unless you want to call me...I pretty much free handed the whole fab process using some mild steel and a conduit bender for electrical conduit..test fitting as I went along...not much science to it the way I did it : ) ..had a buddy weld it up and I ground the welds myself afterward. call me at 281-536-5067 if you want to
    Hi I did'nt get any messages from here, I'm not sure what offer you were talking about but you can email me at capty26@aol.com. Thanks - Lars
    Sorry I have'nt been on here much, just got your message.

    Do a search under the suspension forum and I think you'll find everything I've posted on the swingarm job, should be plenty of pictures and directions.
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