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  • Will you be in charlotte at 9am. Hope to see ya. we have 6 charlotte riders for sure. You would make 7. Beekeeper said he might have the guy on the honda also and that would make 8. Another rider from midland and some of his freinds might meet us in stockbridge or lakeland. If you want to meet use some place else at a later time i can help you with that. 517 260 2348. Thanks. MIKE
    Hey Steve,if you ever decide you want to get rid of the scratch on your fender,give me a call. Heck, we could change the color this winter if you wanted. If you wanted black, I have lots!
    Who is slobman?? I have your number Dude! I text you in july about hooters one night,you could't make it. No biggie,hope to see you at the speedway sunday. Rob.
    Hey steve, im Rob. I live in capitol city also.we should meet for a ride sometime.potterville bike night is tues. same as hooters.I think we meet at hooters last year,cant remember. I have a chain drive custom you would probably remember.one of the guys with you told me to join this forum.(good advice thank you) pm if you want to rip it up sometime! Rob
    Sorry about missing the ride. How many of you rode? I wasn't able to get on the road untill about 11:30 or so, but I managed to get parked just in time for the Rev to starrt the 1:00 blessing. Hit me up when you want to ride again magna_dude74@yahoo.com
    Leaving the Mason Meijer @ 9am. Ride to Hell and back. 'til ??? I understand the whole working on the house thing, I've got that going on myself. Talk to ya soon.
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