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    Aftermarket fuel pump alternative???

    You can buy fuel pump from YAMAHA YZF R6 5EB 1998-2002 , pipes fit perfect but the mount is different, you must remove this one and make some new.
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    Fuel Mileage

    24.000km = 14.900 miles
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    Misfire, 1985 VMax 20,800 miles

    I just upgraded to regulator from Yamaha MT10, following this https://www.vmaxforum.net/threads/r1-voltage-regulator-rectifier-upgrade.2463/ Before I have 12.94V on 1000rpm now 14.01V, I also put new cables from regulator to the battery
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    Brake calipers upgrade

    Thanx for quick answer. I'm from UK so try find something here. :)
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    Brake calipers upgrade

    I have 2000 Vmax, it is sense to upgrade brakes? I have all ready 4 spot calipers, but I'm thinking about 6 pot sumitomo from fzr1000.
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    Are you a new member? Come here and say hi!

    Hi Guys.. I have purchased 2000 Vmax for clean, polish, and resale. But when I start work on this bike I am falling in love with him. So now my Mt09 going to be sell, and Vmax stay. :)