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  • Hey Scot. I checked Dale Walker and his site is back up. I like his new corbon seat. Anyway I'd told you I thought he was gone but, I was wrong. I hate to put ot false information. Randy
    I recieved the kerker today. Thanks for the quick shipping. The muffler is very nice and I hope it works out for me.
    Thank you,
    Great looking max! Where did you get that tail section? One of the nicest one's I've seen!

    Hey Mr. Pickles! Great looking bike. Wondering where you got that headlight fairing. Can you let me know I would love to find one.
    Hey Pickles, Your bike looks great! Have you looked into dropping the front fender to more of a stock height? I used delrin spacers to do it and I think it was about 5/8"

    Just a thought...

    Hi Robby,

    Say I am selling my UFO exhaust and was wondering if you'd mind posting in the Vboost room that you bought from me and how your experience was. it just might make someone who is on the fence buy.. Only do it if you feel comfortable doing it I don't mind if you don't, just thought I'd ask

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