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    Fuel Level Sender Unit R & R

    The sender is on national backorder. Try one2dmax. He sold me one recently.
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    Thanks one2dmax

    Thank you for supplying me with a brand new genuine sender unit that was on national backorder just when I'm rebuilding my '99 fuel system.
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    Looking for 1999 sender unit and gasket

    My kudos to one2dmax. He helped me with brand new genuine parts for my '99.
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    Looking for 1999 sender unit and gasket

    Thanks for the advice. Actually, I'm replacing the whole fuel system. Tank, sender, pump, lines, carburetors. My '99 stood in the garage for a few years, while I was recovering from the sciatic, and everything was corroded. I'm doing the same with the cooling system. It's costing me twice the...
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    Nitrogen filled tires

    Hint: Google "air composition by volume".
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    Nitrogen filled tires

    I guess we all do.
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    Looking for 1999 sender unit and gasket

    Part numbers are 1FK-85752-02-00 SENDER 42X-85753-00-00 GASKET 561 713 8193 MARCELO
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    Put yourself on the map...

    Marcelo Rosa Gomes, Lake Worth, FL 33462, USA.