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  • I ended up getting an 03. If ur ever up in osceola let me know. Chris has my number.
    My name is Lance Denly. Im 31 yrs old. I do know of Norm and his kids. I bought a YZ490 off of him years ago. Chris works at NAPA right? I'm looking for a 93 or newer. Seems like a person can get a 93-98 or so for the same money as a 85-92 so why not. Like to find one with 25K miles or less. I'll let you know when I get one. I've always wanted one since high school. I've never ridden one so my fear is when I test ride one I won't know if something is wrong with it. I have ridden many 600cc sportbikes so I guess I can judge off that. I do have 2 other bikes so if you want to go for a ride sometime let me know. I think if I saw one, it would help me get my butt in gear and go buy one hahaha. Norm's is a yellow 94, correct?
    I just joined on here and searched the members and found you in Leon. I live in Osceola. Are there many people around us with VMAX's? Did you get yours running better? I watched the video. I could hear what you were talking about, but I honestly don't think it's that bad at all. I think it's hard to get a CV carb perfect. I'm currently lookng for a VMax right now. I put a post in the general area asking a few questions. Just wanted to say Hi.
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