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  • Amos...

    Sorry for the delay. I'm using the Cycle One Off 17" Wheel made by Tom: http://cycleoneoff.com/V-max-wheels.html

    It matches the Busa front wheel nicely. The only difference is the slight angle of the spokes where the Busa's are straight. I know the difference and it's hard to tell when looking at it.


    I am from sunny Singapore and just acquired a 93 Vmax recently. Always wanted one and due to timing and opportunity, only now I manage to locate one.

    Overall a tidy 15 year old bike. I am currently in the process of rebuilding it. Looking to blue print and change the worn out parts on the engine. Wheels are defintitely next on my list. Hope to exchange notes with you on where and how to start. Did you manage to find a matching 17 inch rear wheel to match your busa front?

    I believe I can either locate an R1 or Busa full front set here. If not, there is always the internet. Give me a buzz on the MSN if possible.

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