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  • Hey there - can you post up some pics of your custom lighting for the max?
    I'd love to see what it looks like!
    Hey Bob,
    I dont know how to thank you, the battery works great.
    With the regulator wire unhooked there is 14.76 volts and connected to the battery there is 13.75 volts.
    Tomorrow I`m going to bleed the clutch and the front brakes, then I`ll trty to synch the carbs again(now that there`s a jet in the #3 LOL>(I think that one deserves a homer award) . Take care bro,
    <<Dave>> vmax lives again
    I'm right up the road from you in San Dimas. Our club does a lot of Cooks Corner and GMR runs, I'll drop you a line when I get back in town
    Hey bro, Where are you located ? I live in Ontario, Ca. we should hook up sometime and go for a ride. I usually ride with the guys from church but, they ride like a bunch of old ladies in wheelchairs lol.but it can get fustrating after a while and the only thing the max gets out of it is over heated.

    You can email me (it`s chccked every day or call me.
    Phone #<626>329-2133

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