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Apr 6, 2006
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Apr 25, 2019 at 6:12 AM
    1. vmax626
      Hello Sean,
      I need your help.
      While adjusting the mixture screws I noticed that the screw on carb # 3 is frozen solid, I tried w.d. and liquid wrench but nothing works. Fargo told me that you have a bushing kit or something to use to drill it out without making the threads chingas.would you loan it or can you tell me how to make one (I don`t have much for power tools) but your help on this would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you, <<Dave>>
    2. one2dmax
      Do a search on the net for braided hoses and clamps. There should be silver, blue, and red at a minimum. I think it's about a 3/4" hose but you can measure it.

    3. mymax04
      Hey I got my stage on friday thanks alot. I wonder how If I can change the red fitting to anything but red
    4. Jack Butler
      Jack Butler
      Hi Sean,
      I asked about a Stage 1 kit and it's potential with some other mods.
      It was recommended that I purchase your intake.
      I couldn't find a link, can you help?
    5. satariel666
      Sean, you forgot something :hmmm:
    6. one2dmax
      We've had at least one customer use the kit with the dragstar and there may be others I can't remember right now. Shoot me an email and I can get you info if you want.

    7. mymax04
      All right Mr Morley my name is Garry out of DSM IA Im thinking of installing a jet kit to go with the UFO Drag Star. Not ready to do anything just yet but thinking .....What do you think
    8. one2dmax
      I do offer everything you need but with your chain drive setup we would like to fix your trans instead of exchanging it. We could still do all the gears but we like to make sure everything works well on the shafts too which are modified when you have chain drive conversions on it.

      The undercut service is $500 and the overdrive option is $300 additional (which includes 2 new 5th gears and matching of the dogs to the stock 2nd gears.)

      My number is 316-619-8411 if you do want to chat. Also, if you can email me direct it's easier for me to keep track too.

    9. matt516in281
      I posted tisin the yahoo forums about my bike and you were referred to me as someone who I could possibly buy an undercut set of gears from. Is this so? If so I'd love to pick your brain as i juuuust got my bike running great with this holley 4barrel and was about to convert to EFI when 5th gear went bye bye for me. im not very connected with the vmax forums, In fact im sure I have anohter name on here and forgot the username password..(the scrambled image on ths site is mext to impossible to trancribe...ugh) so i created this username.

      Is an undercut core replacement soemting that you suplly or would you know someone who does...? I also would like to go taller ont he fith gear as the bike is converted to chain drive...

      516 749 9684

      Re: Looking 2nd/5th gear replacment in the Houston Area

      Talk to Sean Morley. He can set you up with an undercut tranny and taller 5th


      --- In, "mistermatt516" <mistermatt516@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Tis is my second post here. My first one was the surgin problem I had with my
      > That turned out to be the Holley carb tuniing and a blown power valve. I
      juuuust got the thing running aninal again (After posting a disappointing
      122rwhp at the VMOA Dyno shoot out) yesterday. This morning I completely lost
      5th gear while driving into work. Ironic thing was i wasnt even hitting it hard.
      > I have begun searching the archves and am getting a handle on what this will
      all entail. At least it happened right when I am expecting my tax refunsd. My
      plan was to dismantle and convert to EFI this month anyway and now it looks like
      I have more work to do.
      > I suspect these gears were never undercut. My questions are:
      > 1)Is there anyone on this board that does the under cutting?
      > 2)Are there any other major issues that should be addressed while I have this
      > 3)Is there a source anyone can recommend to but the needed parts ahead of
      time, get the undercutting done and have the new parts ready for installation
      when I take the motor apart?
      > 4) I would love to go a liiitle taller on the 5th gear as it revs rather high
      at 70 mph, has anyone done this and can they relate any issues/concerns they
      have learned? btw, The bike has been converted to chain drive.
      > 5) I remember sometime ago MadMax offering a 7speed transmission. Has anyone
      from here ver had tis installed, and what were benefits/costs?
      > I know this is alot and i may likley find out more info as I search the
      archive, but I wanted to throw this out there incase there is someone for whom
      this is right up thier alley.
      > thanks
      > Matt
    10. one2dmax
      Best bet would be to post this to the group list. I don't remember the wiring schemetaic off hand but it should be pretty straight forward.
    11. vmax626
      Hello Sean, Ihave a question.I want to install another tach. so I can use the spaces in the inst.panel for a oil preasure meter and a water temp. meter(one with numbers.) Can you tell me how to hook up the tach ?? Maybe a little diagram or explain it to me? I don`t want to mess anything up.
      THANX, <<Dave>>
    12. one2dmax
      I believe they are: Kaw 92055-1147 Oval o-ring.
      I'm not at the shop to verify but I think that is it.

    13. Firewrench
      Hey, I was meaning to ask you but keep forgetting. What is the part number for the Kawi o-ring for the oil pipe?
    14. CHEETAH
      How many miles are on the '05 Max you are open to selling as a compete bike? Thanks, John
    15. RazoR333
      Hey Sean, again,RazoR. How's your seat supply coming?,...If you have one available , I'll take it , that Christmas is outta the way. It's gonna be prolly later , round end of February before i get the swing arm to you,...too friggin cold right now to work in the garage.
      Did you firure you could supply the drive shaft , or would i get one from Furber?
      Nother question for ya,...I have the stg 7 set up,..but would rather have a stg 3,..or your set up,..what are the chances of you having the complete carb set up to replace what i have ?
      All the best to you for the holidays ,..and the new year.
    16. one2dmax
      We have to go ahead and finish the devlopement. The chain drive part is done but need to start building a swingarm. Will hopefully get to start working on that before the end of the year.

    17. RJ RJ RJ
      RJ RJ RJ
      Do you have a chain drive conversion for sale thats good for wide tires? 240 or 250mm?
    18. one2dmax
      You are wanting the SASY unit.

      It now has some really cool features but note that the rev limiter it has will not prevent over revving. It simply turns off your v-boost.

    19. vmax190
      hi sean, do you know where to get the kit to have the vboost to kick in at any selected rpm, how hard of a install and cost. thanks for any help you can lend. dave
    20. dannymax
      Hi Sean, Yeah, 2.2 ft lbs isn't even realistic. Thanks for providing the common sense method that works perfectly.

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