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Jul 19, 2019 at 10:30 PM
Apr 6, 2006
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Jun 2, 1970 (Age: 49)
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Derby Kansas
Aviation Structures Mechanic

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Well-Known Member, 49, from Derby Kansas

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Jul 19, 2019 at 10:30 PM
    1. Matt427sohc
      Happy Birthday.
    2. one2dmax
      From what I can see of the pics of the alignment dots he's not even close on one with the small dot and the large dot (not even counting that it's not aligned with the line on the cap).
    3. cjcarr02
      http:// Hello!
      Cody_Carr shared an album with you.

      View Album, Sean I posted a question about a year ago about cam timing and I never got around to doing good it before I deployed so I had a friend take it to a local shop while I was overseas expecting to ride when I got back however the bike ran like crap so I rebuilt the carbs and double checked the valve clearances did a carb sync still ran terrible so I took some picts I would really appreciate a opinion from an experienced vmax mechanic whether this guy screwed me over or not lol
    4. one2dmax
      The kits currently have 2 gold washers. One will fit over the shaft and one will not. The one that won't fit over the shaft is used in the oil pump and the other for the gear spacing. I do have oil pump strainers though you should be able to clean yours out. Emails work best.
    5. speedcostsmoney
      hi Sean bought a hd oil kit from you, but missing a SILVER WASHER for the new plastic gear,also have a 1/2 inch rubber cap in the kit what is this for. yamaha number 26h-15366-01.
      would like to know if you got any used oil pump strainer for sale thx denis
    6. one2dmax
      The guy that makes the kits for us is now offering them too.
    7. toddo
      Sean, Would you ever make those COP brackets? Just installed a set and now think the brackets are a good idea.
    8. one2dmax
      got your email which is better anyway!
    9. markpb
      Sean it seems to me everyone asks for your opinion, so will I. I'm putting a blower kit on my 98 max and the seller tells me that the rods are great and don't need changing. Also valve springs are ok and spark will be fine because of the pressure sensor. It will be decomped and about 12psi. I have my doubts about the carby as well but that's easy for me to solve. I have been a mechanic 20 years and a pro engine builder, auto and diff man in my time with plenty of time in performance. I kept changing specialities due to boredom. I only say that to make it easy for you to give your opinion. I'm buying a kit because fab is not my speciality and making manifolds etc is beyond me. I dyno tuned blown motors for years and what this guy tells me doesn't ring true, but I have stuff all experience with bikes, maybe the valves are light and spings are good, it revs to 10,000 with no obvious valve float and rods break because of knock and oil issues not boost. Whats your opinion? Mark
    10. one2dmax
      Emails are always best!
    11. bumper
      Sent you a pm on HD oil kit and your jet kit.
    12. one2dmax
      The new ARP studs we sell ($120 a set so half that cost if only needing 8). They do have the allen drive so it would be a lot easier in your case with these! I know I am temporarily out of them though I can get more in fairly soon most of the time. I MIGHT have some I can steal from one of my other engine builds and send to you.
    13. steamer97
      Oh yeah, and removing the forward head is quite challenging with it in the bike. Vise grip action took me forever!
    14. steamer97
      Somewhere I read that you sell cylinder studs with an allen depression in the top for easy re-installation. I have removed the forward head to repair a bent valve and wish just eight of these studs. Can you quote price on what you can provide? Thanks...Ted (steamer97)
    15. one2dmax
      I did get an email from another guy so it's already sold. I MAY have another unit but will need to look. Email me directly if you would.

      There are pics of these type mounted up in our facebook albums and many places on the net. This is a very popular flyscreen. I MAY be able to get a left over new unit from a warehouse I know about.
    16. VMAX Eddie
      VMAX Eddie
      Hey Sean,

      I'm interested in that Flyscreen you have posted. Do you have a picture of it on a bike? Or a link to one? I can't seem to find the same style to see what it looks like installed.

    17. one2dmax
      try (you forgot the "D")
    18. 2 wheel
      2 wheel
      Heh Sean, it's 2 wheel Larry, I owe you for 2 thunder shirts, trying to pay through paypal. One2max@aol isn't registered?
    19. NIRAD111
      Wow. Brainfart. Trying to respond to one2max lol....
    20. one2dmax
      I have a few different options. Used units, new units (I may have sold my new one and waiting for stock again), and even a heavy duty replacement that required a flywheel exchange. Email me at for pricing and options.
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    Derby Kansas
    Aviation Structures Mechanic


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