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  • It's on our end. The site is shit and developer dissappeared off the face of the earth
    Tried to access your website and keep getting redirected. Is their something going on towards your end or mine?
    Saw you had improved rotor bolts.
    Had trouble with removing oem soft ones so stainless sounds better.
    Would like all 18 for a gen 1 , '98
    If you paypal that would be good for me.
    Best to email or call after 3:00 central time. one2dmax@aol.com

    Our kit uses a panel filter in the airbox lid ($325 with exchange of the lid) plus $20 postage. It will run well with any full header. I am surprised that the jetting is too lean as 95% of the time it's way too rich. Are you sure the float levels are correct? That has a huge impact to the fueling through the entire range.
    I called your shop the other day, but I got voicemail. I'm sure you are busy so I understand. What's the price of your best jet kit and does it comes with four intake pods and crankcase ventilation (equivalent to Dynojet Stage 7)? Your website doesn't work with my browser so I'm unsure of what your kit has to offer. Btw, I'm running UFO dragster 4-1, y removed, and stage 1 dale walker jets all the way lean. Thanks!
    Thanks for the comment on the frame braces, i made him an offer, guess it was way to low. He never responded.
    Hey Sean.. my #2 cylinder isnt getting enough spark, can you shed a little light on the COPS system? if I'm gonna have to replace a coil or wires i might as well look into these.
    Glenn, shot you back a PM on that. The non resistor kits are $200 vs $225 for resistor kits (which I think I am out of). Emails do work best for me for sure.
    Hi Sean,

    I have a couple of ignition coils cracked on my 2006 VMax 1200. Can you tell me how much the Gannons COP kit would cost?
    If I get this do you have install instructions you could email or mail w kit?


    Glenn Newhart
    I do sell them new. I don't have a used one I want to sell by itself at the moment. Looking at $175 plus $10 postage. (price has gone up a lot in recent years). Email me at one2dmax@aol.com
    Hi Sean,

    Glenn Newhart here, checking to see if you have a kerker 2.5" competition baffle, if so new or used and price, incl shipping if you would, zip is 32707.

    No problem. You may have the email off just a little bit. One2dmax@aol.com

    Braided lines run $90-$150 depending on the various options not including shipping. I have a few "sale" sets too (posted up on Morleys Muscle facebook but not here yet). Shoot me another email attempt if you can and lets see if it goes through and we can get more specifics.
    Hello Sean, I received a delivery error when I tried to email you through the link on your web page. Sorry if this is inappropriate. I am looking for a price on stainless braided front break lines for a 1999 VMAX.
    Thank you sir.
    Sean just wanted to let you know I got the backrest and Igni box in today. I'm sure I'll have to call you at some point on the igni box. Thanks! Backrest looks great and EVERYTHING is included with the ignibox
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