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  • Hi Paul, the postage is about $3, my P/P address is the same as my email [email protected] Be sure you mailing address is with the P/P....I have the drain elbow packed and ready to go.


    ps I don't think the forum sends email notifications with visitor messages....I've never gotten one anyhow. :confused2:
    Hi Paul, $20 sounds fair....send me your email & mailing address so I can calc. shipping, small padded mailer shouldn't be more than $5. You can email me at [email protected]
    I just got one today Paul.....was going to use it on a set of rebuilds I'm getting ready to sell. Considering that....what would you be willing to pay for it?
    Sure, check back Paul....if I get a parts set in I would be glad to sell one to you. Trouble is they are usually broken off by the time they reach the parts stage.
    Hi Paul, Those drain elbows are getting really scarce, don't think I have any but will check.... Danny
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