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    Parts For Sale Gen 1 parts for sale

    can you email me at [email protected] with a few pictures and a price?
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    Motorycle For Sale Price recommendations

    Just to add a reference, here in Oregon, I got my 07 with 1850 miles on it for $2500.
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    Parts For Sale Gen 1 parts for sale

    Im looking for rear fender and a speedo pickup
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    Motorycle For Sale 2015 F6B

    Just got this yesterday evening
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    Bike Handling

    This got a chuckle:)
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    FL Valkirie $2k

    I had vowed no more project bikes and no more heavy cruisers, then two days ago I buy this for $100.
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    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    New Delkevics and stripped/polished the scoops
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    What did you do to your Vmax today? Part 2

    I just got this last weekend
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    Breaking bead, I invented!!!

    I just take 2 2x4 pieces, one on the bottom, one on top, two big C-Clamps, squeeze, turn, repeat. works fine without the 2x4s but it can tear up the tire a bit. I've also used a bottle jack and my truck hitch to squeeze em.
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    Honda CBX100 ...

    There is actually some very well thought out engineering goin on here, now the aesthetics and lines are Munster like atrocious. Can't tell if that is a stressed member frame or modified cradle design. I like the particle/air dam for the headers but a bit too cartoon for me. I would like to see...
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    I'm about to throw in the towel :(

    Just an FYI concerning recovering from a speed wobble. It all about shifting your weight forward and down, so lay down forward on the tank and then ease off the throttle. I know this can be scary and your first instinct is to hold the bars trying to stop the wobble, easy grip and let the bars...
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    Is it beyond economical repair...??

    Question on the float height, is this done with the tabs just touch the spring pin on the float needle or fully depressing the spring pin? the images suggest fully depressed.
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    Is it beyond economical repair...??

    Sometimes moving ahead at a loss is better. Cut the anchor and search out a another Max.
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    Vboost always on?

    The V-boost butterflies are located under the carbs in the intake manifold tract, are you sure you not looking at the throttle butterflies? these all turn/open when you open the throttle allowing air flow into the carbs.