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  • Hey Rarick:

    I'm Elimax (Aaron) and I have a Ducati-related question you may know the answer to:

    I put a '94 YZF750 USD fork setup on my '89 Max, with a YZF750 front wheel and Blue Spot brake calipers...BUT, to make the calipers work, I had to install some used Ducati discs that fit on the wheel (stock YZF750 front rotors were too high in diameter to allow the use of the Blue Spots.) Problem is, I now want to install some Galfer wave rotors in place of the stock Ducati ones, but there aren't ANY markings on the Ducati discs to let me know what the matching wave rotors are.

    So, is there any way to tell exactly what rotors these Ducatis are? The guy I bought 'em from said these Ducati discs are from a "748/916/996/998", but didn't know what year they were from. I studied the rotors, but couldn't find any markinks or numbers on 'em.

    Sorry for the long-winded inquiry, but I need some help!

    Thanks very much.

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