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    Anyone from the UK got a speedo kicking around? desperate
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    No spark help

    i have the same problem with not starting. cranks fine but just wont start, what is the little black box you mention? and where is it?
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    yet another clutch question

    Thats what someone else said. Thanks buddy.
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    yet another clutch question

    hi guys, im hoping somebody can help. recently i have had to pull the clutch lever all the way back to the bars to disengage. when stationary i cannot get neutral without switching the engine off and rocking the bike back and forth. i have recently replaced the clutch plates but it happened...
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    How To: Update older model shift segment

    Got the bits, put them in , job done, thankyou for your help
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    lost gears

    thanks guys, i have ordered the parts. thanks again
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    lost gears

    Help!!! i was outlast night on my beloved Max and all was running well. I pulled up at a set of lights and popped her into neutral as usual. The lights changed to green so I pullled in the clutch only to find I had no gears, the lever was just moving with no resistance. Eventually she went into...
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    Perplexing problem - can anyone help?

    Main jet on one of the carbs blocked perhaps?
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    Perplexing problem - can anyone help?

    Main Jet in one of the carbs blocked perhaps?
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    Bozo of the week award goes to...

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    Danny, please let your bike out of the garage, OK?

    :ummm:i bet no one can work out how the fuch he started the bike
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    internal noise

    maybe the rear wheel bearing, not certain tho.
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    i have many friends with trikes, some have disabilities some dont. what i was getting at was that in my opinion it is the ugliest piece of customising i have seen. the pictures you posted in response are far more easy on the fact i would pay good money for the reverse trike.dont take...
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    What The Fuck? And Why?