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  • you still around buddy? hope you can make it to the meet and greet this year... be good to have a beer w/ya. not just a 30 min lunch stop... lol. take care.

    Hi there, I was looking around at some forum pics and noticed your bike, then your location! Is that a 1500 motor in the bike?

    Did you get it from CW Auto King about 3 years back? It looks identical to the one he was selling![IMG]

    In any case I wound up with a 4000 mile 1997 Vmax with Kerker exhaust etc.

    Good to see a fellow Manitoban on the VMOA![IMG]
    Here is your official invite. I'm organizing a couple rides/events for the upcoming season. One is a bit of a trip, Calgary to Vancouver Island and back. We have guys coming from Ab., Sask., B.C., as well Man. We'll be leaving Calgary on Sat. July. 23, and return the following Fri. There are 15 confirmed already, and 29 on the maybe list. I'll take care of where the fuel stops will be, and set up motels. I'll try and get discounts for the motel rooms. If you are unable to do the entire ride, but still want to be a part of it, you are welcome to join up with us at any time during the ride, weather for a few days, or even a few hrs. Details are on my Facebook group, V-Max Canada
    Keith McMann : VMOA #4817
    Western Canada/Alaska Director: VMOA
    Facebook : V-Max Canada
    Facebook : V-Max Parts
    Facebook : User Name: RoMax Maxx
    [email protected]
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